– Hello, I am Tatuli!

I am currently working at #SchererLogistics for the position of Logistics Manager.

I started working in the field of logistics in 2014 in one of the good companies, which gave me a lot of experience and taught me how to do things right and was in love with all this.

Each shipment is a big challenge to meticulously execute every detail and regulate the relationship between the client and the subcontractor.

My job is my daily routine. I have mastered all this so much that I can no longer perceive it as a job, moreover, I do not even remember how I was without this field 😊

It all gives me the greatest pleasure – communicating with agents, clients, constantly looking for new ones, challenges, difficulties and finally solved problems.

As a member of Scherer’s large team at the moment, I take responsibility with my company to be able to adapt to each customer’s request.

Love the sun, nature, dogs, people and love life!



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