– Hello, I am Anano! I am currently working at Scherer Logistics as a Logistics Manager. I actively communicate with our partner companies and assist them in international shipping. As for my work experience – it starts from 2016. For 3 years I worked in the banking sector, in several positions in the field of […]


– Hello, I am Tatuli! I am currently working at #SchererLogistics for the position of Logistics Manager. I started working in the field of logistics in 2014 in one of the good companies, which gave me a lot of experience and taught me how to do things right and was in love with all this. […]


– Hello, I’m Katie! I am currently working at Scherer Logistics as a Logistics Manager. With the help of our partners, I am responsible for the safe and timely delivery of your cargo to any part of the world wherever we can afford it. As for my work experience: I worked for a foreign company […]


– Hello, I’m Nini! I am currently working at Scherer Logistics as an office manager. My activities include solving office needs and various problems. Working with documents is quite easy, so I do my job well. I am a student and this is my first work experience. Consequently, my motivation is higher than ever. Working with […]

Railway Transportation

Railway transportation represents a reliable, relatively inexpensive and quite fast way of transporting cargo. Scherer Logistics company offers transportation for your cargo by rail. • This transportation mode has the following advantages: • Eco-friendly compared to other types of transportation; • Convenient and economical for heavy or large loads. • Competitive pricing compared with shipping by sea; • And most importantly, thanks to the fewer traffic jams fast delivery […]


Sea Freight More freight moves by sea than by any other mode of international transportation. Sea freight is safe and economical. Sea freight is an excellent option for transporting heavy & large cargo for long distances.  Sea Freight is strictly regulated and very reliable.  Our service includes: • Full container load • Less than container load • Port to […]

Air Freight

Air Freight Air freight is the fastest growing mode of international logistics. Air Freight is the fastest and most secure mode of international transportation. Scherer Logistics offers a full range of air freight services: • Delivery of cargo to the airport; • Warehousing; • Preparing of all needed documents; • Delivery of cargo to the destination. This kind […]

Road Freight

Road Freight Scherer Logistics works hard to provide you the best options in road freight, including: • FTL – full truckload freight • LTL – less than truck load freight • Oversize or overweight load transportation • Multi-modal transportation • Container load by overland transport What do we provide? We provide superior logistics support from when we receive your transportation request, […]


Hello,  My name is Baqar! I am currently working for a logistics company in the field of sales. I have active communication with many companies and help our partners in international shipping. As for my work experience. I have 4 years of experience in sales. I have worked in both B2B and B2C directions. For […]